Lessons learned from Minecraft, part two

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    • puddy says:

      wow, you did not play minecraft a lot.
      Your thoughts are interesting though, even if some of them are not actually based on minecraft but on what you think it is ;)

      • greywulf says:

        Wrong, on both counts.

        I played (and still do, indeed) play Minecraft a heck of a lot. This was posted back in October 2010, and the post was geared specifically toward rpg’ers who do not necessarily know (or want to know) the ins and outs of how Minecraft works. I was looking at it through the eyes of what they could get out of it, and that might not be what interests you.

  1. Gimp says:

    Undead goblin riding a undead super controlled by a necromancer

  1. November 14, 2010

    […] Lessons learned from Minecraft, part two […]

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