What shape are your squares?

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  1. Geek Ken says:

    Nice post. I think it bears repeating that folks can play 4E pretty fast and fluid without a grid and still get most of the combat mechanics down, especially with the last option. Use a few cardboard templates (3 X 3 squares) and range sticks (use a pencil at 5″ and 6″) if you have to keep things precise.

    • greywulf says:

      Agreed. One of my players has a set of card templates for Blast 3, Blast 5, etc that he uses all the time. With those and a ruler you don’t need a grid at all. Makes for a much more dynamic and fluid game.

  2. Dave says:

    Yet another good post from Greywulf.

    Another type of grid that is definitely worth mentioning is offset squares. They are functionally equivalent to hexes, have the same more realistic feel that you get from hexes rather than squares. Moreover, the thing that offset squares has over hexes is that it fits better with areas that have a lot right angles, which comes up a lot.

    Here’s something to think about though: with both hexes and offset squares, how does three dimensional movement work?

    • greywulf says:

      Good question!

      3D movement brings a whole new dimension (well, duh!) to the game whatever grid style you choose. Even something as simple as sloping floors (+1 square to any movement down the slope, -1 square up it, including Shifts, Pulls and Pushes) can completely alter the tactics in combat.

      One to file for another blogpost to cover fully, methinks :D

  3. I think he was referring to flying opponents. For hexes, I the cubic unit should be a hexagonal prism. That’s easy to visualize and makes it analagous to the cubes of normal issues.
    Another variation of hexes is a triangular grid. You can see this at incompetech.com/graphpaper/triangle/. It works like hexes, except that you choose any set of six triangles around a point as your hex. It allows a slightly finer set of movement options.

  4. UHF says:

    Euclid was boring…

  5. Elton says:

    I play without a grid all the time.

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