DAZ Studio tutorial: Using the Elite Human Surface Shader

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  1. elizabyte says:

    I’ve been working with the Maya texture, which comes with the Elite Shader, and while it looks fine pre-render, it’s flat white when it renders. I’ve been trying to figure out why (I really want to use the Maya texture!), but I’m at a loss.

    Any clues?

    • greywulf says:

      Are you using DAZ Studio 4? If so there’s an update to the Elite Surface Shader you need to download and install. That (if I remember correctly) should fix it.

      Hope that helps!

  2. elizabyte says:

    Nup, I’m using D|S I’ve fiddled with the extra settings and I can’t seem to get rid of the “all white” thing. Quite frustrating. :)

    • Marco says:

      I’m using Studio Pro x64 and the omnifreaker that came with the Elite V4 textures (Amy, Lana, Maya, Marie). I had the same problem with the reflective skin MATs. Try the regular MATs instead.

  3. Arwym says:

    Thank you for the tutorials, Greywulf. I am new to 3D rendering, and currently on a low budget. Do you know of any free alternatives to the Elite Human Surface shader, or something that might help me achieve similar results?

  4. tone says:

    Im using daz 4.0 pro i just downloaded the elite surface shader i got as far as hightlighting m4 then whent to the shader but i dont see were the ishader is at pls help

    • Marco says:

      Content Library > DAZ Studio Formats > Shaders > omnifreaker > HumanSurface, second one.

      Yeah, it’s pretty hidden. Unfortunately the library search function only works on filenames, not folder names, making it pretty useless.

  1. August 12, 2013

    […] DAZ Studio tutorial: Using the Elite Human Surface Shader […]

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