D&D on Kindle: A call to action

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  1. Elton says:

    No, not Kindle. Not any kind of DRM ridden Hardware and Software. I want my D&D on a DRM free system, thank you very much!

    • greywulf says:

      Kindle is pretty much platform neutral – there’s readers for PC, Mac, iPad, etc, as well as it’s own (excellent) dedicated reader.

      Pragmatically, I don’t think we’re going to see a non-DRM electronic version for 4e D&D. Not legally, anyhow :D

      I’d love to see DRM-free PDFs available directly from Wizards of the Coast at a reasonable price-point, but that ain’t going to happen. Silly really. It’s their loss.

      So, it’s a case of choosing the next best thing or doing without.

  2. drow says:

    choosing the next best thing is how the bastards get away with it. DRM free or die!

  3. Neuroglyph says:

    I agree, I really want to see PDFs of the D&D books, and even if I had to buy the hardbound to get a legal copy, I’d still do it! Tierd of lugging out a pile of books just to prep a dungeon, when I’m prepping it on a perfectly awesome lapto, fully capable of reading a PDF of The Plane Below or DMG2. Consider my vote cast at Amazon!

  4. Etherrider says:

    I always “click for Kindle!” as I call it. I did notice something recently though on this subject. At one point very few of the D&D novels were avail for Kindle and most every new novel coming up had kindle format avail and some were avail prior to the books release or at least its mass paperback release….which means WOTC is trying the kindle distribution out more?

    But it would be some good to go paperless (or at least have that as an option for gamenights!)

  5. benpop says:

    I’m amused by the inclusion of my comment. But I suppose it was supposed to be amusing. :)

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