Hit Locations for 4e

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  1. Mark says:

    That’s awesome! Another way to bring the pain down on your characters. Especially in Dark Sun.

  2. Oz says:

    Are there any healing rituals that can repair this damage?

  3. Elda King says:

    It’s great and flavorful… and removes that feeling of “we have clerics in the world, noone is never hurt”.
    For “permanent injuries”, I use a house rule that each time a character falls with 0- HP, and again each time he fails a Death Save, he loses one Healing Surge. And those will only be recovered after weeks or even months (according to the story); if he could just stay quiet for some days, it would be fast, but we all know no adventurer would ever do it.

  4. Dave says:

    Cool idea, and pretty simple. One thing you may want to reconsider though is the -1 to AC. My reason is because you could eventually have an AC that’s lower than your Reflex*, which doesn’t make sense from an in-character perspective. If your players are the type that would be bothered by this you could state that a PC’s Reflex is never greater than his AC, or have some of the torso wounds decrease Fortitude instead of AC. It depends on your group, so I’m just brain storming here.

    * It is possible to have a Reflex that exceeds your AC with the normal rules, but this doesn’t make sense either.

    • greywulf says:

      I hear ya. For simplicity’s sake, I’d be inclined to just keep it as -1 AC as this is the defense most frequently targeted by monsters. Alternatively, roll d4 on a Torso wound and take a -1 penalty to that defense: 1=AC, 2=Ref, 3=Will, 4=Fort.

      Then it’s a matter of role-playing the effects. A Fort penalty might be a slash across the waist, Ref is a hit to the shoulders or hips, AC is broken bones, and Will is a strike to the lungs affecting your ability to breath and carry on.

      Something like that, anyhow.

  5. Jay says:

    “Fell free to add further effects.”

    Well, if you insist:

    01 Reroll twice on this table and apply both results
    02 -1 Ref
    03 -1 Fort
    04 -1 AC
    05 -1 Wil
    06 -1 to Str skills
    07 -1 to Cha skills
    08 -1 to Dex skills
    09 -1 to Con skills
    10 -1 to hit
    11 -1 to damage
    12 -1 to perception
    13 -1 to insight
    14 -1 Initiative
    15 -1 Speed
    16 -1 Healing Surge
    17 -1 Action Point
    18 -1d20 Temporary HP
    19 Attractive or “manly” Scar
    20 Flesh Wound

    +1 for a successful moderate Healing Check in the field
    +2 for a successful moderate Healing Check back in civilization
    +1 for every week spent healing before the check (accumulative)

    Are we having fun yet? *Dark Chuckle*

  6. Elton says:

    Greywulf, are you buttering them up for the use of Arms Law?

  7. Charisma says:

    I love hit location tables. I saw some in a very old Dragon magazine (Dragon?) for AD&D, and loved those, too. The idea is fantastic for adding realism.

  8. Selganor says:

    Wouldn’t the “Remove Affliction” ritual be just ideal to get rid of such effects?

    After all there’s still a chance for healed characters to get even more damage when someone tries to remove an affliction (you may even want to assign a penalty for each affliction to the Heal check of the ritual)

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