Why I should hate DC Adventures, but I don’t

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  1. Siskoid says:

    I’ve got the same problem, except with a different focus. I’ve never even read M&M, but I ran Mayfair DCH games for years and it’s one of my favorite RPGs ever.

    I haven’t gotten my book in the mail yet (due for early Sept), but I did order it based on the quick start. And I liked it enough that I’m thinking of making it one of my games for 2011 (along with another Savage Worlds campaign and another Doctor Who series). It looks awesome.

    But can I really let go of my old favorite?

  2. Heh.

    I was one of those vocally upset people when I first read 3E… I saw a lot of stuff, right off the bat that made me hesitate.

    I ate my words. While I’m still confused about some of the changes (why we needed to spread combat over two Attributes, Advantages, and Skills, for example) and I don’t know about skills being 2/1 instead of 4/1… Otherwise, I’ve come completely around.

    3E is a great game. My advice — put your 2E books away while you read it. The two shouldn’t be compared. Read it with fresh eyes and you’ll see what a nifty system it is.

  3. Elton says:

    You should understand that people are often resistant to change. Although, with reviews of D&D Essentials up on RPG.net, there are kids complaining how D&D 4e is too complex for them to keep track of.

    Changing is a constant. But 4e was a change I wasn’t at all prepared for and it’s something I blame myself for. But you can compare DC Adventures with other Mutants and Masterminds to see if it stacks up. How similar it is, where the changes are made, and to see if it is worthy, in your eyes, as a Successor of Mutants and Masterminds.

    A lot of people know what they like and they tend to stay with it. You get an awful lot of NERD Rage when someone pushes or pulls you away from the RPG of your choice.

  4. Horace says:

    “Barry Allen, sadly”? Barry is the only Flash that matters, the man who ushered in the Silver Age and, by extension, the Marvel Age!

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