Race, Class, Role, Build, Background and Theme

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  1. Arrgghh! Information overload ;)

    Nice, informative piece there, Greywulf.

    As someone coming – finally – around to the idea of 4e, where would I find these background options of which you speak?

    • greywulf says:

      Lol! I originally had this as a two-part blogpost but then thought “Nah. Post it all at once and be damned!”. Heh.

      Background Options can be found primarily in the Player’s Handbook 2 and they’re expanded upon in the various Campaign Settings and many Dragon Magazine articles. I *think* the free Characger Builder app includes some without a subscription, but that’ll need confirming.

      They premiered in the free to download (no Insider account needed!) Dragon 366 with “Characters of War” Background Options for their Scales of War adventure path. It’s well worth downloading that particular issue as it’s a great one to read.

      The issues of Dragon from #364 to #367 are free to download right here. Wizards of The Coast hid them well!

  2. Thank you – now to embark on a downloading frenzy!

  3. Elton says:

    Well, they fixed my major gripe with the PHB1.

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