Lazy building Icon City

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  1. RF says:

    Good stuff! I’m borrowing some of these ideas for my game.

  2. Elton says:

    Sounds like a little Taoism is being practiced there. “He who rules best rules the least.”

  3. Risus Monkey says:

    A fantastic approach and one that I’d emulate if I were only playing ICONS right now (as opposed to wishing I was playing ICONS right now).

  4. DarkTouch says:

    This is very cool. One thing it got me thinking of is customizations to the game.

    With the heroes all (potentially) getting their abilities from the comingling of UltraMegaMan and Captain Nemesis’ superpowered atoms, what impact does that have on the origins table? Does it stay the same but have little quirks for each origin that will show up later? I’m assuming its not something entirely different as the characters have already been created.

    Another something interesting would be to steal a page from the Dresden File’s City creation guide. With each player ‘owning’ a section of the city, there is always the possibility that these sections have Qualities and Challenges that can be tagged just as Heroes and Teams do.

    • greywulf says:

      I’m intentionally keeping things rules-lite so the origins table stays as-is without twist or modification. I have some pretty good ideas regarding the true “source” of the superpowers and don’t want to give anything away by injecting house rules into the game :)

      I’d certainly expect the heroes’ districts to creep into their character sheets as the game develops, most likely as Qualities and Challenges. I san see Brickbat ganing “Recognized Defender of Dirtside” for example, and Vince Cable already has a named scientist as a contact. The more things that link them to their districts, the better – it’s all GM fodder!

      Note to self: Take a look at what Dresden File has to say about cities. Thanks for the pointer!

      • DarkTouch says:

        Mostly what I meant is that in ICONS characters have Aspects(Qualities & Challenges) but in FATE everything has aspects and a number of the game rules are about managing those aspects. Doing research on vampires means you can now compel their ‘Garlic Allergy’ aspect to make them run away or knocking out the lights means you can tag the Alley’s ‘Dark’ aspect to get a bonus on your sneak attack.

        From what I understand(don’t have it yet) Dresden Files gets fancier than that with their City creation but that’s the basics. FATE design philosophy is rules light but clarification/example/helpful hint heavy.

  5. Dr. Stu says:

    Schroedinger’s City?

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