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  1. Risus Monkey says:

    Looking forward to hearing about Icons City. I can’t get enough of Icons right now…

  2. I love your renders. I particularly enjoyed that super-beefy wizard one you posted a little while back. Any chance you’ll give the same conceptual treatment to other classic stereotypes (fighter, rogue, cleric, etc)?

  3. HolyHair says:

    The square of darkness thing sounds realy interesting. If you could throw out another Lazy GM post too, well that’d be just great, thanks

  4. greywulf says:

    Thanks, folks! The post about Icon City is very much LazyGM worthy, so it would make sense to fold that into the theme. Thanks for the reminder!

    I think I’ll tackle that one first, then move onto the post about illumination in 4e, if only to give people a break from 4e saturation coverage :)

    And of course, more renders!

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