Down and Out in Old Dungeon Town

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  1. Elda King says:

    I don’t like dungeons, but I do like towns, so… good way to make a dungeon less boring.

  2. Tourq says:

    Fantastic idea. Elda King nailed it – dungeons can be boring. This is a great way to remedy that.

    I think this post clinches your spot as Stuffer Shack’s site of the month for August.


  3. Stuart says:

    How often do vicars eat car salesmen?

    Whereas Ankhegs…

  4. kaeosdad says:

    Awesome, lot’s of cool ideas bouncing in my head after reading this. Remember that scene in hellboy II when they find trolltown I think it was called. That’s how I’d picture it. I’d imagine defenses would be crazy, and getting around a dungeon town would require stealth, a damn good disguise, or or really damn fast feet.

  5. drow says:

    not a bad idea, but it does seem to turn the ruthless battle of heroic adventurers vs evil denizens of the lightless underworld into the ruthless battle of rotten murderous bastards vs ward cleaver and his lovely family, who all happen to carry knives and 2d10 gp.

    which, hey, if that’s your thing…

  6. Tourq says:

    I think it really helps me develop a dungeon, as opposed to random map generator.

  7. Elton says:

    I think t might be funny if one of the dungeon denizens fell in love with one of the PCs and pursues said PC. Especially if he is the one that slew her former Master — like the orc boss.

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