Shadowland : it begins with the horses

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  1. Swordgleam says:

    And that’s even more absurd when you consider horses are NOT NATIVE to the American continent.

    “Now imagine that every single one of them becomes suddenly, inexplicably, out-to-get-you nasty.”

    It’s cute that you think that’s not their natural state.

    Okay, so maybe not ALL of them are like that. But I know plenty of face-eating horses.

  2. DarkTouch says:

    One of the first 3rd edition Adventures I ran.. or pillaged since I only partially ran it… was ‘Of Sound Mind’ by Kevin Kulp. One of the great surprises of that adventure was a set of psionic horses who look like normal horses until they break out the psionic powers on the poor unsuspecting PCs. It was horribly effective.

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