Mandelbrot Heroes

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  1. I’ve been playing M&M for the last few months and you are spot on about character complexity. It is possible to create any sort of character you want but they need fine tuning.

  2. It’s that exact fractal graininess that scares me away from M&M each time I open the book. I know I should focus on high level stuff, play with archetypes and leave it at that but my crunch guts look at the depth of the game and is scared stiff by it all… it’s like I have to understand it all to play it.

    • greywulf says:

      Have you snarfed the Beginner’s Guide? That’s a free download now, and well worth the price :D

      It does a good job of explaining the mechanics of the game (especially with with Danger Room playthrough) without being too intimidating.

      If you want to try out character generation, download the demo of Hero Lab and all should (hopefully!) become clear.

  3. Thanks man. I need a break from D&D and M&M is on my list of alternates.

  4. DarkTouch says:

    Fiddling is important in M&M. I’ve adopted a standing house rule that in any M&M game I run, the players get 3 sessions to tweak their character as needed so that it does what they want it to do. I like the idea of starting with the archetype at the first session and working down to a more tweaked version of the character over the next couple of sessions. I’ll have to bring that up next time I start a game.

  5. x-humed says:

    Heh. I DM chris’s game. ‘Fine-tuing’ is a nice way to put it. Pretty much every big chapter end the characters undergo some kind of rehaul. It’s based in the golden age so we just blame it on a different writer and move on.

  6. Tourq says:

    I played Heroes Unlimited and old-school Super World for years, without ever opening up an M&M book. Maybe it’s about time…


  7. Your blog is the reason I bought M&M in the first place, though I’ve yet to get the opportunity to try it out.

  8. pdunwin says:

    That sounds interesting. Of the games I know, only Spirit of the Century comes close to that. I don’t much go in for supers games (though I’m playing ICONS this weekend) but I’d be interested in experiencing how this works. It would be cool if D&D did something like this. I guess Essentials sort of did, but no one can seem to agree whether those classes are equal to, better than, or less than the original classes.

  1. June 23, 2010

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