Who is River Song, part two

A while ago I posted my own theory about who the mysterious River Song is in the current run of Doctor Who. I was wrong. I was wrong in the same way that everyone who has suggested everyone from The Rani to Rose Tyler, from The Master in drag to The Doctor’s Mum to The Doctor’s Daughter is wrong. We are all wrong.

I’m say that because I have a New Theory. And it’s a good one. A doozy. It’s the only solution that fits. Unless Steven Moffat proves me wrong (again), of course :D

As with any mystery, it’s all a case of asking the right questions.

  1. Who is The Doctor’s constant companion more than any other, by a mile?
  2. Who knows more about The Doctor than anyone else, and keeps a record of all his incarnations?
  3. What is the significance of River Song’s diary?
  4. What is the significance of Rory’s engagement ring?
  5. Who did River Song kill? If it’s the Doctor, how?
  6. Who gave River Song her sonic screwdriver?
  7. Who should be able to fly the TARDIS better than anyone?
  8. What is an anagram of River Song? (I think there’s a letter missing, maybe more – if she gains a name badge saying Lt. Dr. River Song next  episode, I’ll know for sure)

Out of respect for our Stateside cousins, I’m not going to spoil things and answer those questions until the end of the next episode. By then a few more pieces of the puzzle will have fallen into place, and perhaps even the answer revealed.

Pretty sure you should be able to work it out though. My blog readers are clever like that.

Like I said, it’s a doozy.

Watch this space!

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21 Responses

  1. Tourq says:

    I know I’ve said it before, but I have to start watching this show. I have never seen an episode, have no idea what it’s about, and have no idea where to begin. With all the hype I hear about it, someone tell me where to get started, please, again.

    Pleeze be spesifik as I’m am note the smartist bloak


    • greywulf says:

      The beginning of this new series is as good a start as any. This is a fresh start with a whole new Doctor, new TARDIS and new companion so there’s less baggage (at least less compared to any other time in the Doctor Who mythos :D) to worry about.

      Jump right in!

  2. DarkTouch says:

    Well, if anyone has earned the Title of “The Doctor’s Wife” I guess that would be it. Being stateside, I don’t know the significance of some of those questions but it’ll be interesting to see if you’re right.

  3. Moonwolf says:

    As long as it’s not Binnie Langford I don’t *care* :P

  4. greywulf says:

    Not Bonnie, and not Romana. I suspect DarkTouch knows who I’m talking about!

    • Moonwolf says:

      Being the Heinlein fan that I am, *I* think someone showed up with a Burroughs Irrelevancy Drive, snatched K-9 because Athene was feeling lonely and wanted a pet until her body could be decanted, then gave K-9 a body, discovering in the process that everyone had *totally* misunderstood K-9’s gender (no-one thought to check), which she used to come back and marry the Doctor in order to keep an eye on him because being the smart dog she is (was?) she knew that he was going to need a shoulder to cry on when the Beeb was forced to can Amy Pond from being his companion because she looks so much cooler (and hotter) than he does in this incarnation.

      That or it’s Captain Jack in a similar scenario, only without the visual of trying to figure out K-9’s gender.

      It better not be an elf :P

  5. Dr. Stu says:

    He always refers to the TARDIS as ol’ girl/gal, and we know she’s alive….

    Or Song could be the twelfth incarnation of the Doctor. Incarcerated for the killing of number 11.

  6. I’m with Dr Stu on this one…

  7. TIMELIORD11 says:

    I honestly believe it won’t have anything to do with the original series. I believe that river is his wife and after he learnt who she was he trusted her.. At the end of the big bang, she said she was sorry,right now the only thing we know that she could be sorry for was for the death of the person she refers to as the best man she ever knew. She murdered someone and it can’t be the doctor because he would have regenerated and she wouldn’t have gone to prison cause the doctor would have most likely helped her escape prison. Another thing if she killed the doctor, why would he still be with her just before silence in the library(doctors timeline) like why would he still like her. We will probably just learn who she killed and it’ll be someone the doctor cares about. Who it is still remains unknown. It could in fact be Rory as the doctor states he really likes Rory. But seeing as river hardly knows Rory it seems unlikely. If she did kill the doctor it may have been an accident and she was convicted. Another theory is it may be a character yet to be revealed in the coming series. I still don’t think it’s someone from the original series because nothing is revealed to be linked to the original series. All she did was killed someone which would make the doctor sad. My theories everyone

  8. AlanG says:

    Clue: A recurring phrase is “Silence will fall’. The first time we meet River was in “Silence in the Library’… Maybe the ‘Silence’ is River.

    I would guess that your theories are that she is either: 1) the Doctor, or 2) the Tardis.

    My theory is that she is most likely a companion of the Master… who taught her how to fly a Tardis, Gallifreyan, etc.

    And that she winds up killing the Master… and the cracks were a byproduct of the Master attempting to blow up the Tardis to kill her (paradox) to save himself.

    Her line of “I’m sorry my love” was directed to the Master, for creating the situation where he needs to remove her from existence, to prevent his own death. Notice that the only person in the Tardis when it blows up is River Song. The destruction of the entire universe was just a byproduct of the attempt to kill her… which the Master would certainly do to save his own life.

    And this is why she says things will change when the Doctor meets her… because she will be his enemy instead of his friend.

  9. Martek says:

    After thinking about this way too much, my theory is that River is the Master’s daughter. If anyone’s interested in my logic, I’ll go into more detail.

  10. brian oakley says:

    in ref to timellord11 if he was on his 12th regeneration which he will be shortly then she cud kill him and she could have killed him with the four serums and gun found by martha.one question now the pandoricas been open and restored the tardis does this mean the dr is now on his first regeneration as everything starts again

  11. then she cud kill him and she could have killed him with the four serums and gun found by martha

    You do realise that was all a bluff? That gun didn’t really do anything, it was just to trick The Master.

  12. brian oakley says:

    no way honestly then that must be because the master is thick or maybe there was sum thing that can kill a time lord outright

  13. brian oakley says:

    She murdered someone and it can’t be the doctor because he would have regenerated and she wouldn’t have gone to prison cause the doctor

    if he was on his last regeneration she could have

  1. June 19, 2010

    […] worry. I’m not going to spoil it for you! (And if you have I don’t need to, right?). My theory about the identity of River Song still holds though, with a few tantalizing lines confirming it […]

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