This is the real Fourth Edition Dungeons and Dragons

Don’t believe me? Count them yourself.

Any questions?

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9 Responses

  1. Siskoid says:

    Hahaha. Well yes, you’re right. It’s why it was followed by AD&D and not D&D 5.0. (Did we know what .0 meant back then?).

    We can’t even say 4e is Wizards of the Coast 4e because it’s really WotC 3e.

    • DarkTouch says:

      The funny thing is, if they’re including a 1978 copyright then the editions as being counted are:
      1974 – Original White Box
      1977 – Blue Box
      1978 – AD&D Player’s Handbook
      1981 – Magenta Box shown here.

  2. WilliamPall says:

    Yes, one question.
    There are four listing of previous editions. Therefore the book depicted is the ‘fifth’ edition?

  3. Tom Allman says:

    I just came into possesion of 2 copies of this awesome box set and one of the expert. The hard part is getting people to play.

  4. Elton says:

    Strangely enough, I meant the Mentzer Basic Set.

  5. Humorously enough, I recall that the introduction to the AD@D second edition claimed that is was not 4th edition and so everyone could breath a sigh of relief.

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