Combining Risus and ICONS: I got your awesome mixed in my awesome

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  1. Risus Monkey says:

    You beat me to the punch. I just picked up Icons yesterday (largely on the strength of your recommendation) and I’m loving it so far. Can’t decide if I like it better than Truth & Justice, but it is pretty sweet. I think some sort of Risus/Icons has merit, though I was thinking more in terms of using the ICONS character generation system to make Risus characters. Or something like that. Anyway, great post.

  2. DarkTouch says:

    Interesting thought here. In ‘Standard’ FATE, Tagging an aspect allows you to either reroll or add 2 to your dice roll. By adding a value to those aspects you could tweak it a bit so that the value of the aspect dictates how much of an advantage you get out of it. It could be a straight roll bonus.. Dwarf 4 lets you add four to your awareness roll when checking for stone traps… OR it could be that different levels add different benefits.. Level 1 gets you a Retcon, Level 2 lets you used Focused effort, etc.

    At the very least, I like the idea of adding a point value to aspects because I know players who can get bogged down in Aspects not being ‘mechanical’ enough.

  3. x-humed says:

    If only vince did have tentacle arms, our debt problems would be solved.

  4. mxyzplk says:

    I actually like this and think it’s an improvement, even though I am just about heartily sick of hearing about both FATE and Risus, rpg,net’s answer to everything.

    Anyway, rant aside, I do think that adding the levels to the aspects gives the game a little more needed crunch and that it is a good mix that takes the best of both and melds it together.

    • greywulf says:

      I know what you mean. does tend to go through phases where X, Y or Z system is lauded as being the answer to everything – at least, until the next hiptrendycool system comes along. That’s one of the reasons why I avoid like the plague.

      Fate/Fudge bases systems haven’t really appealed to me in the past unless it’s something like the brilliant 5 point Fudge. I’ve mentally filed them under the heading “too much like hard work” and generally moved on to something that’s easier to just sit down and play. If I want to tinker with a rule system, I’ll tinker with Mutants & Masterminds instead.

      ICONS though…… it feels different. It feels like a solid, proper game in its own right rather than a toolkit or something that feels like it’s been cobbled together with a toolkit. It uses the FATE dice mechanic (whichever dice mechanic you happen to choose) but that’s where the similarity ends.

      It’s not your typical “this is the answer to everything” FATEboy’s wet dream but a well-tuned system that’s designed to handle a subgenre of superhero gaming particularly well.

      And that it does, in spades.

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