Galactus versus Thor! An ICONS sample combat

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  1. Sean Holland says:

    Very fun read. I am looking forward to trying out ICONS in the near future.

  2. Dan Houser says:

    Hee hee hee!

    Nice cover! Who did the art?!


  3. The Bane says:

    Dang, are you trying to convince me to buy RPG? I got the W&W due to your review, now this. Not to mention that it is based on a little known game that I have much love for: FUDGE. It seems that system has spawned some great off-shoots. Namely, FATE.

    Thanks for the combat example.


  4. Thunderforge says:

    Really cool, I’ll definitely have to give ICONS a try.

    Funny, last summer you gave a game summary of Savage Worlds and I bought it because of it (and still love that system to death)! Now it looks like this summer, I’ll give ICONS a try because of your review.

  5. Runeslinger says:

    You do write persuasively, both bringing back fond memories of Marvel from…. decades ago AND inspiring me to try this out.

  1. June 6, 2010

    […] I do like having character stats that are extremely short.  Here’s Greywulf”s version of Thor: […]

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