Getting there

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  1. DarkTouch says:

    My current M&M game is a paragons of Freedom game.. putting Freedom City into the Paragons setting. The first adventure was them getting their powers when the airplanes hit Pyramid Plaza. The second adventure had them discovering the Scarab’s Lair and battling the villain who had just escaped from its holding cell and was attempting to claim the lair or himself. Their reward for defeating him was they each got 1PP’s worth of ownership of the headquarters. I used the official writeup that has the giant room filled with teleporters. Now they can go wherever they need to go.

  2. x-humed says:

    The supers game about getting there at the same time is so true. In our game there are like two waves those that fly/turn into birds/wear wings & those that walk. One of our group delights in charging off at a moments notice into the undergrowth. Jet bikes you say? Hmmm…

  3. Elton says:

    And if the players demand it . . . A thunderbike might be helpful.

  4. by_the_sword says:

    In D&D it’s sailing ships. We really, really like ships. There is a running theme of piracy among our group. When not sailing, we walk or ride horses. I like mules myself as they are not as skittish as a hores and are less likely to throw you when the ankhegs attack. An oxcart is a fine way to haul around treasure. Oxen are sometimes in need of motivation though when you are being pursued, so a Scare spell might help them along (careful, it can also help them drive over a cliff!).

    I have been dying to run a sci-fi game. What I’d really love to run would be a mix of Traveller T20 and Dragonstar (orc space marines anyone?). Maybe with a little Serenity thrown in, though when I first saw Firefly on TV, I immediately thought of Traveller. I would definitely want my Players in an armed ship, even if it only has a “mining laser”.

    I haven’t played a super hero game in ages. Back in the day it was Villains and Vigilantes that was our SH-game of choice. It has been hard finding folks who like super hero games.

  5. Tourq says:

    I always liked the good old days, when it was important to know if we had enough rations for our trip, if we had a map, and if we had enough horses. Setting up a watch schedule was important, and who was actually sleeping in their armor (ick!). Back in the day, getting to the adventure was an adventure in itself!


  6. CyberWere says:

    Snort. Triborg. I visualize a cascade of fuzzy tribbles with dominatrix leather straps and red laser eye. Well, maybe I’m thinking of a Borggle. The terror of old school, smooth headed Klingon’s everywhere.

  7. x-humed says:

    In D&D, actually we have a DM’s who love that ‘travelogue’ stuff. We’ve had whoel campagins based around a journey and our dragonlance campaign is usually planned by what route we take through krynn to get to out destination. We’ve never just ‘arrived’ we have to get there first.

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