The Oh-so-early Lazy Sunday Render Dump

It’s not even Sunday yet! How’s that for service. DAZ Studio is back to working all fine and dandy so here’s a handful of my random renderings from this week. Catching up, slowly I am.

This time around it’s an all-gal special. The guys will follow, next week.

Down among the grass where the faeries dwell

Way of the Exploding Hair

The Stepmother’s Glade

Miss Trouble


Till next time!

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5 Responses

  1. Elton says:

    I like Exploding-Hair-do.

  2. Wonderful, and I especially like “Down among the grass where the faeries dwell”, it’s lovely, absolutely stunning.

  3. Tourq says:

    I like Stepmother’s Glade, due to the lighting effect.


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