Feeding the birds

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5 Responses

  1. Christa says:

    Aww…they’re pretty :) My birds ain’t quite that green and metallic, and I would probably fall down and hit myself hard if I was to feed them from that height :p But it’s nifty :)

  2. Elton says:

    That’s a great looking piece, Greywulf. Here, you and Christa should watch “Sita Sings the Blues.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzTg7YXuy34

  3. Charisma says:

    I’m really sorry, but I have to reveal my lack of tech-how. Is the z-Depth layer something that you get somewhere and turn it into a finished image, or do you start the whole thing from scratch? Are there templates involved?

    Gee I feel a little embarrassed…

    • greywulf says:

      A z-Depth layer is just another render made in DAZ Studio which is then overlaid in Photoshop on top of a normal render. What’s special about it is that the Surfaces of all the objects are replaced to make anything close to the camera black, fading to white over distance, just like fog or haze. You use the same scene as your regular render, just change the surfaces.

      There’s a few ways to create one. Tell you what – I’ll put together a tutorial and post it up later this week :D

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