Victory of the Daleks, a review

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  1. Watch it last night after hearing lots of reports that it wasn’t very good.

    First off, compared to many episodes of the last few series, it was great. If Victory of the Darleks is the worst episode this season I will be very happy.

    But you are right about the time aspect. The whole pacing of the plot was wrong. The Spitfires seemed to appear from nowhere, making this slightly ludicrous (even for Dr Who) idea seemed like bad scripting. Also the girl in the control room should of been ditched or that side plot given a lot more time. As it was it again seem like bad scripting.

    However I really like Amy Pond plus her relationship with the Dr is like a grandfather and granddaughter.

    Don’t like the new chunky Darleks. The old design was better.

    All in all, a great plot wasted by a weak script / direction.
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  2. Tourq says:

    I have yet to see a single Doctor Who. I don’t even know where to begin.

    Now, Stargate SG-1, I watched all ten seasons at work a couple of years ago, twice.

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  3. drow says:

    argh. i won’t get to see VotD until tonight. sounds awesome though. i loved seeing the spitfires in the season teasers.

  4. greywulf says:

    @Chris I think the Daleks are Retro for a reason, and a very good one. It all ties to those cracks in the wall. Like I said, I have my theories……

    The design of the new Daleks looks to me like a blend between the Mark I and Mark II Daleks from the 1960s. There’s more about the (many) Dalek variants here.

    @Tourq This new series is as good a place as any to start watching Doctor Who. I’m sure you’ll have many questions, but there’s no shortage of people to ask :D

    @Drow I look forward to hearing what you think of it!

  5. drow says:

    okay, and now i’ve watched it. in short, awesome.

    i like that the doctor gets an off-the-handle moment of mad rage at his ancient nemesis. i really like that amy pond is competent, and just finds things to do. KBO, indeed.

    we don’t see enough of ian mcneice over here (the last time, i think, was his baron harkonnen in dune… dear gawds, was that really ten years ago?), but his churchill is wonderful. it does make the single episode painfully short. i’d love to see more of him.

    the spitfires in space were ludicrous, and just as much fun as i’d hoped. i didn’t even mind them being put together in ten minutes, given who was putting them together. even the toys of the daleks can’t help but be brilliant.

    and the new daleks. love them. the colour scheme seems natural, an homage to the (older, purer) daleks of the 1960s films, and anything involving peter cushing makes me happy. the organic eye is lovely, very creepy. anyway, the lads at project dalek have something new to build.

    an eminently worthy entry into the dalek mythology.

  6. EltonJ says:

    I wonder if ThinkTank would be resurrected (not Torchwood, but ThinkTank). ;)
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  7. x-humed says:

    I’m loving the return to colour coded daleks again. To be honest that episode made me think about buying the Doctor Who RPG. I want to play that spitfire pilot that survived!
    Are we sure the ‘forgetting about the daleks’ thing isn’t just a lead into the next episode?

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