RISUS Superheroes!

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  1. DarkTouch says:

    I’m very much looking forward to ICONS as well. It takes care of two things that I’ve wanted to Lite M&M up for in the past. 1. Speed of Character Creation and 2. Replacing FASERIP for straight forward character writeups online.

    Doesn’t do anything for enhancing the street level experience but there are other games for that.

    Interesting thing about what you have here, many of the traits could be quickly converted to ICONS Qualities and Challenges… at least by my basic understanding of the preview material.
    .-= DarkTouch´s last blog ..Paragons of Freedom Session 2 =-.

  2. EltonJ says:

    Where are the renders? Oh, Greywulf, save your money . . . . Rawn is finalizing his Djinn morphs. ;)
    .-= EltonJ´s last blog ..Ultionis and Vanyamore =-.

  3. Tourq says:

    I gotta say, I’ve never heard of RISIS before, and I totally love the idea of it. The trick is getting my group to go along with it for a month or two.

    .-= Tourq´s last blog ..Trip-no Flix – Steal this NPC =-.

  4. greywulf says:

    @DarkTouch I’m looking forward to the random character generation. It’s about time that made a comeback. Some of my favourite characters were born out of Marvel RPG random chargen. I think ICONS is going to be seriously hot when it’s released.

    @Elton More renders coming soon! And yes, I’ve seen the Djinn and they’re going straight into my wishlist :D

    @Tourq RISUS comes highly recommended. It’s great fun to play, fast and about as minimal as they come.

  5. Clan Mum says:

    Like this, the musing on what cliches are and Risus conflict. Need to break out RISUS once more!

    I’ve found http://risusiverse.wetpaint.com/ to be a pretty good resource for RISUS goodness along with the links on the official RISUS site.

  6. Zachary says:

    You’re talkin’ my language now! One of my favorite one-shots to run is sort of a “Mystery Men” stupid superpowers game with Risus. And it works like a charm every time.
    .-= Zachary´s last blog ..Making Your Setting More Accessible =-.

  7. I haven’t been able to use another system since finding Risus (I run Risusiverse and Risus TOTM). I still mine other systems for setting/adventure ideas, though.
    .-= Larry Bullock´s last blog ..character is what lasts « being berin kinsman =-.

  8. Risus Monkey says:

    Welcome to the Risus Collective! I really like your summary of the system and your sample characters perfectly capture the spirit of the system. I’ll definitely be checking back here regularly to see what else you come up with.

  9. patv says:

    RISUS – Mystery Men website


  10. greywulf says:

    @Clan Mum Thanks for the link. The whole cliche/conflict thing sure does make for a unique way to play. Love it :D

    @Zachary Tell me more!

    @Larry I think it deserves a place in our Top Four Games – M&M, D&D, Savage Worlds and now Risus. Between all of those, I reckon you can play any gamestyle from complex hypersimulationist to beer’n’pretzels, and any genre you care to mention too. Perfect!

    @Risus Oh man. Now I’m a part of another collective. Help! Man overborg!

    @Patv Thanks for that link. Now I’ve another website to pour over :D

    Thanks again, all!

  11. m.s. jackson says:

    Wow, great stuff! @Patv, the Mystery Men link is killer funny. After finding Risus about 2 years ago I cannot wrap my head around any other system without extreme difficulty.
    Good stuff guys, keep up!

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