4e Sample Combat

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  1. This is excellent! I love this kind of thing, taking the time to write out the actual in-game effects in cinematic terms. Beautiful.

  2. drow says:

    cool. but example combats should involve spiders. it’s tradition!

  3. dsowa says:

    If you are really going for a first exposure explanation you might want to fill out the details of the initiative rolls and ordering.

  4. Thunderforge says:

    All pretty neat. However, it does seem to show just how long 4e combat really takes. After all, I had to hit “Page Down” 4 times after the first DM comment before I got to the end. Perhaps the reason that such an example was not included in the PHB was because it was deemed to take up too much space…

    But for what it’s worth, I wish my players would talk more like yours and be more creative than “I attack with Sly Flourish. 23 to hit, 7 damage.”

  5. greywulf says:

    @Dixon Thanks! We’re a pretty cinematic group of players :D

    @drow I’ll try to remember that next time. Spiders it is!

    @dsowa I listed the initiative order here:

    > Initiative is rolled with group initiative rolled for the Slingers and Skirmishers. The order is Usher, Skirmishers (unseen by the PCs so far), Theren, Elysian, the Slingers then Kerbek.

    Didn’t think it necessary to include the dice rolls for this – it’s just highest to lowest.

    @Thunderforge Blame my turgid writing style for that, my friend, plus blow-by-blow combats always take up a lot of space to write out. The example combat in my Moldvay edition classic D&D (page B28, look it up) takes up a whole double-column page – that’s 1/64th of the whole book! In play, this part of the session took 15-20 minutes; about the same length of time it would take in any edition. It felt much quicker in-play though – more dynamic, and certainly easier to GM.

    Thanks, all!

  6. Meepo says:

    I’m grabbing his pack to carry treasure in.

  7. EltonJ says:

    looks good.
    .-= EltonJ´s last blog ..The Lands of Galatea =-.

  8. anarkeith says:

    Great stuff, GW. I’m in the process of something similar over at f133tcommand. It’s not as step-by-step as you’ve done though, and more targeted towards DMs. Nice work!
    .-= anarkeith´s last blog ..Campaign Notes: Anatomy of an Encounter, pt.2 =-.

  9. tmoney says:

    I have to disagree with your assessment of the unluckiest kobold ever. The day I took M20 out for a spin with some friends (we ran Temple of Kthuuk), the PCs were spending a bit too long wandering around an empty room and not going anywhere, so I sent a kobold shaman after them. They heard him comming and waited at the door. As soon as they heard the door handle turn, one pulled the door open to put our kobold face to face with our human ranger wielding a rapier and a hand ax. The kobold lost initiative (as if there was any doubt) and as he opened his mouth to shout a warning, our ranger slashed his throat with a swift cut of her rapier (critical hit) and then buried her ax into his skull (two criticals!) ending his life before he could even breathe. Incidentally, that was also an awesome introduction to M20

  10. EltonJ says:

    I hope you are feeling better.
    .-= EltonJ´s last blog ..Galatea protected by Creative Commons =-.

  11. greywulf says:

    @tmoney Ok. You win. THAT’s the unluckiest Kobold ever! :D

    @Elton Thanks. I hope so too!

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