Undead du Jour times Four

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  1. It’s a good thing that you haven’t got an avenger, cleric or invoker in there—a careless Abjure, Turn or Rebuke Undead (respectively) could really mess up the party.
    .-= David M Jacobs´s last blog ..The Tybee Bomb =-.

  2. EltonJ says:

    So does Rolemaster Classic’s character generation. :D
    .-= EltonJ´s last blog ..Meet the Real Captain America! =-.

  3. greywulf says:

    @David Yeah. I steered away from the more obvious divine classes for that reason (though an undead Cleric of the Raven Queen would be kinda cool). The Paladin should give them all the healing they need for a simple one-shot. I hope :D

    @Elton True, preaching to the already converted my friend. The differences are that I could build these characters in under 10 minutes each, and actually get folks to play them. That’s a much harder sell with Rolemaster, sad to say.

  4. Rook says:

    These guys are a hoot. I may have to borrow them and pit’em against my own players. Nothing messes up a ‘good’ party like putting them up against another ‘good’ party, especially if that party looks ‘evil’ (undead). AND none of my players have a divine power character!
    (insert evil grin)

  5. jdh417 says:

    This is a truly cool concept to end a disasterous campaign on.

    Off-topic somewhat and potential fodder for a blog entry answer.


    Wherein, 3e and 4e stand accused of employing too much math compared to older editions. Personally, if I have to add more than one modifier to a roll, I get confused.

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