Total Party Unkill

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  1. I like it a lot Greywulf. One-shots can be so much fun.

  2. Rev. Lazaro says:

    I’m gonna steal this idea for sure! I’ve decided to run more 1-nighters when I can in addition to our new campaign just so we have more chances to explore 4E classes/concepts.

    The last one I ran prior to the new campaign was an all Primal-Powered party. Aside from me nearly TPK’ing everyone and only a couple survivors, everyone had a blast and really loved the chemistry of it.

    Your Revenant idea is really super sweet. I’d probably experiment with an all Divine Class party too….just because I’d like to see a Revenant Invoker and Avenger.
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  3. Keeping notes for a silly ideas for one shots – must remember that.

    The other week the party was resting in a Rope Trick and we were considering the practicalities of it, namely was there a toilet? We speculated that there would be one that vented into the inter-dimensional space that all Rope Tricks occupy.

    Other thousands of years, and countless casting of the spell, the inter-dimensional space would start to fill up with waste mater. Gravity would have its effect and coalesce it until you had:

    Planet of Poo!

    Just think about big all those intestinal parasite’s could grow. Tapeworm the size of Purple Worms!

    It is a world of adventure just waiting to be explored.

    And thanks to you I have a reason for scribbling some notes on it.

    Umm… Maybe the party really pissed off a god and are now on a quest they will never forget.
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  4. Rook says:

    I’m a big fan and practitioner of making lists and this is a great idea. (I’m a visual/spatial learner) I’m inspired to write up a one-shot or two, even though we never really have a problem with missing players. Thanks, and the undead adventurers, returning over and over again should they fail, is sweet torture for the players. Love it!

  5. benpop says:

    They made a series of the last bulleted idea, so to say, called Runaways. I liked it, especially the run with Joss Whedon as writer.

    One shots are a great idea, and would have been put to use in my old gaming group. Of course, there would have been no actual campaign, just a series of one-shots. A better solution would have been to figure out ways to allow characters to go in and out of the storyline without breaking suspension of belief. A city campaign would be easier for that sort of thing, I’m sure.

    With the right friends, ideas are never in short supply. I once played with friends who’d never played before (and have never played since), who, on their own, made themselves an Irish rogue and Canadian Viking (oh, eh, donchaknow, eh) in a Jamaica-like island paradise, bringing down the local crime syndicate one nightclub at a time. (With the rogue sampling the available goods and services along the way.) They played their roles earnestly and nailed the accents, and we all had a great time. All I had to do was come up with thugs for them to hilariously humiliate and roll dice. It rocked. :)

    But yes, having little notes and ideas to use at a moment’s notice is good. “Be prepared”, as they say.

  6. faustusnotes says:

    I like this whole idea too, of distraction-level one-offs when the players can’t make it. Definitely cool!
    .-= faustusnotes´s last blog ..Grindin’ for Gygax =-.

  1. March 3, 2010

    […] the four undead adventurers I’ve generated for our one-shot game, primed and ready to download as 4th level characters. These were generated in Character Builder […]

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