I think we’re going to need another paladin

I’ m on a bit of a Paladin binge right now. Can you tell?

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10 Responses

  1. deadorcs says:

    Man…we lose more paladins that way. I especially like the fact that the ogre/troll/big fugly humanoid’s maul looks like a meat tenderizer.

  2. EltonJ says:

    Robin, what is her outfit?
    .-= EltonJ´s last blog ..Cousin came to visit =-.

  3. greywulf says:

    @deadorcs. Yeah. Something tells me that weapon isn’t designed for choppin’ vegetables :D

    @Elton It’s Phantasie from DAZ3d.

  4. EltonJ says:

    Robin, have you tried the 15th Century Historical Armor for a set?
    .-= EltonJ´s last blog ..Cousin came to visit =-.

  5. by_the_sword says:

    In 4e, both might be paladins.

  6. EltonJ says:

    @ by_the_sword: depends on your GM, does it not?
    .-= EltonJ´s last blog ..Cousin came to visit =-.

  7. faustusnotes says:

    she’ll be fine, she’s got one of those +10 bikinis of invulnerability. That minotaur is toast…
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  8. greywulf says:

    @Elton No, I’ve not picked that one up yet. It’s on my wishlist though.

    @by_the_sword Lol! Very true :D

    @faustusnotes Yeah. And those female paladins are TOUGH.

  9. This has a nice trollish feel to it. I think the members of
    Trollhalla would like to see it.

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