Fairy du Jour: Thistledawn

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3 Responses

  1. Wonderful backstory and solid build. I’dlike to see something like this in my game one day.
    .-= Snarls-at-Fleas´s last blog ..Building your own world,part 1 =-.

  2. mccoo1 says:

    Love the back story. And I’m glad I’m not the only one still using the nine alignments in 4e.

    I think the Aerie as presented in Combat Advantage #11 is flawed. The Buzzing Flight racial feature essentially makes it just another small creature in every way — contradicting the tiny rules and removing the uniqueness playing a tiny PC. I understand that it’s only while you’re in flight, but that’s going to be pretty much always while in combat. Seems more like a flying halfling than a 6″ tall faerie.

    Were it my character or campaign, I’d replace the [take up 1 square/can’t end move in enemy’s square/normal reach] with something else. Being tiny is mostly disadvantages and few benefits. Yes, it’s easier to hide behind things, but it’s also more opportunity attacks against you, less damage, and one more square you have to move to be able to attack something.

    Rather than have a racial feature that negates these limitations (limitations which I think are essential to the spirit of playing a tiny PC) I’d rather see racial benefits applied elsewhere that level the playing field with other PC races.

    I just noticed that the racial invisibility power is at-will, so that’s a big offset right there, even if it is a standard action. A bonus to a particular save (charm or illusion or fear would make sense) or resistance to some type of damage (psychic, maybe?) would bring the Aerie more in line with other races.

    Just a thought. The idea of a tiny race with a racial feature that essentially makes it NOT a tiny race just doesn’t sit right with me.

  3. greywulf says:

    @mccoo1 Thanks for the comment. I agree, Buzzing Flight made me stop and look twice too. I can see why it was included mechanically, and I quite like the imagery of a flitting fairy who seems to travel everywhere but not a straight line, so decided to keep it in. At least until I get to sit down and playtest this character properly :D

    Like you, I believe that Tiny character bring their own challenges to the table, and that’s a part of their charm. Buzzing Flight seems to exist to negate one of those challenges, and that takes something away from the race as a whole.

    Thinking about it, I might relegate the rules about Reach and taking up a whole square to being a Feat (Upredictable Flight, perhaps). This way, a Fairy can take it if they specifically want to play a melee-focused Fairy who flits and darts in and out of combat, but there’s a price to be paid as it costs a Feat slot. Sounds fair to me, and keeps the rest of fairy-kind vulnerable to pesky Opportunity Attacks.

    We’ll see.

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