Kill Bargle, again!

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  1. by_the_sword says:

    How is it that I started laying in 1981 with the Red Box Basic set and I never heard of Bargle until 2007?

    I guess I’m not as Old School as I thought I was?

    So anyway, I am thinking I’ll use him as a recurring villain. Sort of a nuisance at first who keeps escaping at the last minute and eventually I’ll turn him into a lich when the players hit mid-paragon levels. Bargle; Favored of Vecna or some such. Though he really ought to do something about the name.

    I guess if Fewmaster Toade can become a Dragon Highlord then Bargle can become a lich.

  2. random_bystander says:

    so many memories… IIRC, Bargle was also he “court wizard” of the infamous Baron Ludwig the Black Eagle?

  3. Slatz Grubnik says:

    As a side note, kobolds don’t taste good regardless of how much salt you add. ;)

  4. AlioTheFool says:

    Yes, he was the Black Eagle Baron’s right hand man random_bystander. Great post here Greywulf! I’m almost definitely going to run this dungeon for my players. They’re not going to get to kill him though. He’ll escape to harass them later in the campaign. I’m so evil.

  5. greywulf says:

    @by_the_sword Bargle creeps up in the strangest of places all through D&D’s history, but he’s easy to miss. Subtle fellow, that.

    @random_bystander and @Alio Indeed. The Black Eagle Barony would be a GREAT place to revisit in Fourth Edition. Now, there’s an idea…………

    @Slatz However, Kobold Jerky is a popular delicacy in the Deep South. Tastes like crocodile.

    Thanks, all!

  6. EltonJ says:

    Bargle, I think, had a magic item named after him that looked like a soda pop machine that produced all sorts of fizzy drinks.
    .-= EltonJ´s last blog ..Character DuJoir: Sakura the Psychic Warrior =-.

  7. T says:

    Been scouring the web for a D&D 4e version of Kill Bargle! and I am happy I found your blog Greywulf. Thank you for sharing the specifics and some examples of how you went about converting it – this is awesome!

  8. greywulf says:

    @T Glad to be of assistance :D

  9. AlioTheFool says:

    I’m actually going to be running Kill Bargle over the next few sessions! The party is set up to go after him. Just a simple matter of getting back to their home town to restock, then they’re off to get him. Oh, but wait until they discover the twists! MWAHAHAHAHAHA

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