Character du Jour: Jonah Greyseer

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  1. DarkTouch says:

    Love the concept. He’s a straight up kind fisticuffs hero in a very old school sort of way plus some power. The M&M min-maxer in me however is twitching at the fact that he’s only PL 9 when fighting Man to Man but if he’s primarily a Psychic then that makes sense and is a cool concept thing.

    The only real thing I see is that I don’t think you built Mind Reading correctly. I’m calculating it at Mind Reading 1/Rank +1PP/Rank for Area and -1PP/Rank Perception to Ranged. At rank 6 plus the 8 for Progression that’s only 14PP, well below the 20PP that the Stun AP is costing.
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  2. greywulf says:

    @DarkTouch Glad you like him :D

    I had originally given him a set of Brass Knuckles just so he could fight closer to PL10, but in the end ditched them – I quite like the idea of him punching below his weight and it leaves room for the character to grow at the campaign develops.

    The Mind Reading works out like this:

    Mind Reading 6
    – Flaw:Range 1 (Ranged) -1/rank
    – Feat:Progression, Increased Range 8 (x500)

    Mind Reading is normally 1/PP but the Flaw knocks it down to 0.5/PP to that’s (3+8) 11PP in total.

    Add an Alternate Power for one more point:

    Stun 10
    – Limited: only vs. living

    (That’s only 10PP worth of powers – there’s wiggle room to add in a Power feat for free should we choose!)

    Total cost: 12PP

    Hope that helps – please excuse my shorthand in the character statblock :D

  3. DarkTouch says:

    You have two extras in there that you aren’t accounting for. You have an area:burst extra mentioned on the mind reading and stun is a default touch range so you have the ranged extra to get those 100′ of range in there.

  4. greywulf says:

    Good catch – that’s what I get for re-writing it from memory in a hurry. Here’s the full (corrected) version:

    Mind Reading 6
    – Flaw:Range 1 (Ranged)
    – Extra:Area, Burst
    – Feat:Progression, Increase Area 8

    AP: Stun 10
    – Extra:Range 1 (100′)
    – Limited: only vs. living

    Total cost: 21 PP

  5. DarkTouch says:

    The reason why I originally noticed it to begin with was that I was thinking about the massive area and the range. Basically you have a 60′ range of where you can place the center of a multiple mile wide sphere. Take the range down another level to ‘touch’ so that it is always centered on the cowbow.

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