Microlite20 in French

Proof that Microlite20 is very much alive and well comes in the form of this lovely French Edition of Microlite20 Purest Essence, courtesy of Arasmo & Hunka.

Click on the image above to download!

In other M20-related news: Offers have been received for the rights to Microlite20 and I am grateful for them all and the many words of support from you all. I have decided nothing yet and there’s still plenty of time to make me an offer!

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  1. Dimaension X says:

    The design layout of the French version is excellent (I’m a Prepress Artist and former Graphic Designer). Clean layout, and great illustrations. Any chance that this layout will be done in English? I’m too lazy to do my own, and just nowhere near as talented as these guys are.

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