War Machine, revised: Mass Combat for 4e

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  1. greywulf says:

    @Skeolan As a fellow pencil-necked math geek, I thought about that as well. But then I left it as it is for two reasons:

    1) Simplicity
    2) I quite like the idea that this reflects inexperienced officers who tactically end up doing more harm than good :)

    That’s the price you pay for having poor command structure, I guess.

    @Elton Oh I dunno. I’ve used the War Machine rules from the D&D Rules Cyclopedia from everything from Third Edition D&D to Traveller and Mutants & Masterminds with little difficulty. All I’ve done here is added a few 4e specific terms into the mix. I’m sure they’re usable for any system or edition.

  2. Skeolan says:

    Mr. Wulf,

    Thanks for another excellent post.

    From a purely pencil-necked math-geek position:

    “Experience =
    [Average Warlord level x 3] +
    [Average Troop level x 2]
    + 1 per Victory
    -1 per Rout”

    Shouldn’t there be some factor for the proportion of Warlords to other classes? It seems like your intent is to suggest that Warlords within an army count 1.5x as much as regulars for determining the overall experience of the unit.

    But according to the formula as given, in your Bugrun example, if the army were to add ten level-1 Warlords to its ranks – its Experience rating would go DOWN to 9.5.

    I imagine it ought to be more like

    [Average Warlord level x 3]*[No. of Warlords / Army size]
    + [Average Troop level x 2] * [No. of non-Warlords / Army Size]
    + 1 per Victory
    -1 per Rout

  3. EltonJ says:

    Nice work, Robin. Your house rules look good for 4e, but . . . *shrugs* useless for 3E. :D
    .-= EltonJ´s last blog ..Atlas the Boy Genius =-.

  4. Beedo says:

    Very cool – looking forward to part 2.

    My 4E group is just starting Trollhaunt Warrens and I see a great opportunity to do part of Skalmad’s attack on Moonstair via the War Machine.

  5. Rook says:

    Excellent post my man! I’ve been waiting for someone to do just this very thing. At first I thought about how I could use this for my low-level group, but now after re-reading your post, I’m envisioning wonderful applications for my epic level campaign as well. Again, thanks and obviously, can’t wait for part two.

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