End on a high!

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  1. Thunderforge says:

    Fantastic! I was trying to think of a climactic way to end my campaign and this is it!

    Speaking of battling on a high, the DMG has rules for aerial combat (and underwater combat) utilizing three dimensions. Do you think that they’re playable as is? Could it be possible to end a campaign defeating the BBEG while riding dragons, or do the rules just make it too difficult?

  2. CyberWere says:

    I a long ago while in college I ran a campaign that lasted two years. It was a modern day action adventure where the final battle was on the US Capitol Dome. As you say the major bad guy who had escaped so many times fell to his death with one of the heroes hanging by his fingernails from the edge at the climactic moment.

    It’s still remembered over 25 years later when I get together with some one from that group. Ah, good times.

  3. greywulf says:

    @Thunderforge If you’re using 4e D&D, the drowning rules are worse than useless, sorry to say. I wrote about them here. The aerial combat rules though look pretty fun though!

    @CyberWere Excellent! Now that’s what I’m talking about :D

  4. There’s nothing my players love more than shoving baddies out windows or off cliff faces – so I know what you mean!

    And my players have realized that falling damage can work both ways – i.e. no you shouldn’t shoot at that rampaging demon when perched 100 feet up on a tower :]

  5. This idea can work in city adventures as well.

    I ended one major D&D adventure in a 4 story oil & spirits warehouse. The PC finally cornered the villain on the top floor and then noticed the smell smoke coming from downstairs.

    Cue burning building, thick clouds of smoke and explosions.

    It is almost mandatory to use the Load Bearing Boss trope [ http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/LoadBearingBoss ] in this situation as the villain falls into the inferno below and the party have to leap out of windows.
    .-= Chris Tregenza´s last blog ..D&D 4e Review: The Desire =-.

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