Tiers before bedtime

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  1. Elton says:

    hmm. Serious about this? 4e still doesn’t feel like D&D to a lot of people. And suddenly, I’m thinking Rolemaster again. :)
    .-= Elton´s last blog ..Seriously, I am thinking of doing a WEB comic!! =-.

  2. David says:

    Ooohhh… I like this idea. I haven’t picked up much from WotC beyond the 3 original core books, but I would definitely pick up tier books.

    All hail the Rules Cyclopedia!
    .-= David´s last blog ..Monster: Gallowsgaunt =-.

  3. satyre says:

    Yes the Rules Cyclopedia was several shades of awesome. Still have mine.

    Your point about the genie being very tightly bottled and sold by the ounce is a valid one. I would love to see 4E’s take on mass combat (a battle system you say? – where you get to play heroes of battle??) but it won’t happen yet.

    Just a thought – what’s to stop some like-minded bloggers from adapting certain ideas, adding in original materials and putting them on their website as Creative Commons PDFs? :)
    .-= satyre´s last blog ..flow state =-.

  4. Swordgleam says:

    Why just as WotC? There’s plenty of 3rd party publishers out there who could probably do a great job with this.

  5. Greywulf says:

    @Elton I really need to get you in an online game and change your mind about 4e D&D :D

    @David D&D Rules Cyclopedia: There can be only one.

    @satyre Absolutely nothing. Who knows, we might just go and do that……..

    @swordgleam True :D

  6. kaeosdad says:

    I feel that. 4e in this way I always felt was exactly like original edition. These rules were not present, because the system is so new, it has yet to be invented! The concepts are there but I think people are still learning how to apply them. I have a feeling that this is going to happen eventually in 5e. These bite sized chunks of the game system being released across multiple books I’ve noticed is just a good way of putting out ideas to be playtested for the inevitable 5th edition.

    I’ve been working on stronghold and retinue house rules but I’m not happy with them. In the pbp game I’m going to be running the astral vessels are basically a mobile stronghold for the adventurers.
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  7. Thunderforge says:

    Seems to me like Wizards is using the DMG books like the Tier books you described. DMG 1 talked about Heroic Tier play and gave a sample scenario and the newly released DMG 2 focused on Paragon Tier. I bet the third DMG will focus on Epic Tier. Not nearly as impressive as what you’re suggesting, but it seems like Wizards is at least partially granting your wish.

  8. shent_lodge says:

    I have not played or run 4e beyond 10th level yet. All the players I game with moved away or returned to 3.x or migrated to Pathfinder. So the “The Heroic Tier Handbook” would fit in perfect around here since no one wants to go on to the next tier in 4e.
    .-= shent_lodge´s last blog ..Weapons of the Gods =-.

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