Character du Jour: Medusa

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  1. Random Visitor says:

    Nice character. And I love te Inhumans :)

    A question, one DM to another. How do you handle powers like Flesh to Stone? Or in general, every “save or die” powers?

    In my previous campaign, we had a guy with Domination, extended to last a month or something. Everytime we had an encounter, he just spammed Dominate until all the opponents where dominated.

    That made for a very not-fun game, until i just asked him to make a new character.

    I really love MnM system, but it seems to easy to”break”. What’s your suggestion?

  2. Greywulf says:


    Me, I like Save or Die effects because they have role-playing consequences. For example in one of our games Medusa turned The Feathered Man, a local crime boss, to stone rather than have him captured and sent to prison – where, doubtless, he’d be out in a matter or days.

    This created a power vacuum among the underworld which caused more trouble, crimes and outbreaks of violence than would have happened if The Feathered Man was around and keeping a firm control on things.

    Similarly, I’ve used save or die effects in the hands of villains when a player wants to retire a character and generate a new one. Having a hero die spectacularly is one heck of a way to go, and sets the other heroes up to avenge his death/let his legacy live on/mourn his passing.

    In other words – the best way to balance a save or die effect is to role-play the after effects. Sure makes the players think twice next time they generate an “unstoppable” character :D

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