The best DAZ Studio freebies, ShareCG edition

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  1. Greywulf says:

    @Steve Great links! Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s Character Concept for a small taste of Gallowglass. The textures render beautifully :D

  2. David Heller says:

    Hi Greywulf — I just bumped into your postings and wanted to thank you for sharing your experience at SCG with your readers.

    One note, you mention that you can’t leave a page when ‘downloading’ from our site. This isn’t the case. While downloading you can move to other pages and instantiate another download etc. However, you cannot leave the Upload page during the file upload process. Which, I believe, is fairly common across the web.

    Anyway, thank you again, and continue to ENJOY the site!


  3. greywulf says:

    @David Many thanks for stopping by. I appreciate all the great work that goes into ShareCG – it’s easily one of the best free 3d resources around.

    I’ve just carried out another test to see if anything has changed recently, and I’m sad to report things are still the same at this end. Once I start a download if I try to go anywhere else on the site, I’m left hanging until the download completes. It’s the same in both Firefox and IE.

    Can anyone else out there confirm this?

    Thanks again!

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