How to build a fistfighter in 4e

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  1. Wyatt says:

    There are also quite a few third-party unarmed fighting classes floating around the internet. I personally don’t like Full Discipline much as a subsystem (it’s on too many powers for my taste, which is all of them).

    The rogue idea is pretty nice though. I should look into playing that sometime.
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  2. I know this is an old post, but we had a similar discussion going on my blog and came to similar conclusions… Spiked Gauntlets with a Tempest Fighter or Two Weapon Ranger would be another interesting way of doing it. Another way would be to take the ancient homebrew-ready conversion guide one of the WOTC wonks made a while back (like, around the time the core books game out) and using the general guidelines for turning a Ranger into a monk: basically take your desired class, trade martial weapon proficiencies to get your unarmed attacks equal to a longsword, trade armor proficiencies for a static AC bonus.

    Rough but workable.

    Fistfighters are definitely doable in 4E, but I have a feeling it’ll be easier to sell people on the idea that they are enthusiastically supported by the system when we get multiclass and hybrid rules for the Monk. If the Monk multiclass feat just straight up gives you Monk Unarmed Strike, that’s one feat to turn anybody into a fistfighter.
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