The best DAZ Studio goodies for free or cheap!

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  1. Elton says:

    I should have bought the freak. :(

    Anyway, I shall have to save up for him and the Predator + Prey bundle.
    .-= Elton´s last blog ..DAGGERFALL =-.

  2. Greywulf says:

    What did you use your STUDIOSTART coupon on? Just wondering.

    Even without the voucher, he’s well worth the purchase price, imho.

  3. Calie says:

    Don’t forget the four free models Victoria3 Michael3 Aiko3 and Hiro. This package is free and available at The Hiro character comes complete with morphs aleady part of him, so no extra’s to buy.;lst

  4. Greywulf says:

    @ Calie I’d recommended that set before, how could I miss it?! Thanks!

  5. Steve says:

    I’ve been working through your tutorials, truly excellent, many thanks!

    I got daz 3d so i could try and do some char portraits for my new Mongoose traveller campaign… any suggestions for where i can get some clothes for M4, particularly interested in some combat armour?

  6. Greywulf says:

    Thanks :D

    Compared to Michael 3 (M4’s predecessor, and still a darned fine model), decent armour is a little thin on the ground for M4. Here’s the pick of the bunch:

    Probably the best sci-fi combat armour for M4 is Epsilon and with the Raw Epsilon texture pack, but it ain’t cheap.

    Epsilon is also included with the M4 Pro Bundle which is much better value than getting just Epsilon on it’s own.

    Xurge also offers some brilliant sci-fi and fantasy armours for M4, and they work great in DAZ Studio.

    Over in the land of the freebie, the Nitro Armour could be convincingly re-textured as a scifi armour. I’ll throw together an image to show you how.

    Hope that helps!

  7. Greywulf says:

    There you go. Here’s a pseudo-space marine in Imperial red, courtesy of the Nitro Armour an a little Super-Shiny Shader magic:

  8. Steve says:

    Its like being a kid in a sweetshop all over again, so much choice….

    The Nitro armour looks great, i couldn’t get it to attach to M4, does it require any special progs for that or just more effort from me?

    Still have my Studiostart voucher which im thinking the Sci Fi set, although the two girls look neat. The Freak is going for just a few dollars so might just buy outright.

    Once i gain some technical competence and can i’ll look into getting some more expensive items, m4 bundle with a 30% voucher off looks good. I’ll probably change my mind tommorow!!

  9. Greywulf says:

    @Steve Lol! Sweet shop, indeed.

    The Nitro armour is a little fiddly to use as it’s in .obj format (actually .obz compressed .obj, but that’s just splittin’ hairs) rather than being a “proper” Poser/DAZ Studio model. This means you can’t just double-click to load it than Fit it to a figure. What you do instead is……….

    Use File-Import to load the individual elements in. Set the Scale in the Import Dialog which follows to Bryce Scale (1 unit = 8ft). This will scale the pieces to fit Michael 4 correctly and position then over the top of M4 in his default pose.

    Next, in the Scenes tab, expand Michael out so you can see entries for his Chest, Adbomen, Arms, Legs, etc. Drag and drop the entry for each piece of the armour over the body part it covers. This “parents” the items to the location so that it moves when Michael is posed. For example, drag the chest guard over the chest, right thigh guard over the right thigh, etc.

    Hope that helps!

  10. Greywulf says:

    … and here’s another quick render of the Nitro Armor and M4, this time with a whole Dark Cylon vibe going on:

  11. Cypherwulfe says:

    I like your tutorials, they are exactly what i have been looking for to help me get started.

    One problem I have is, the additional content pack that I got when I registered will not work. I installed it, but there is no fairy outfit, or anythign that I can find anywhere…..

    Was I supposed to do something other than just run the installer?

  12. Greywulf says:

    Hello from one Wulf to another! :D

    It might be that you need to change the way that the Content tab is displaying things. Click on the little triangle in the top right-hand corner of that tab and select “View Folders as List”.

    If that doesn’t work, press F2 to show Preferences and select the Directories tab. Click on the drop-down and select “Poser Content Directories” then press Add… and choose your DAZ Studio/content folder (mine is at c:/Program Files/DAZ/Studio/content – if you’re using DAZ Studio 3 it may differ). Click Accept and you should see everything in your Runtime folder.

    Hope that helps!

  13. Cypherwulfe says:

    Wow, that was a rather quick reply. I didnt expect to hear from you so soon.

    I am using DAZ Studio 3, and on a windows 7 installation. I am thinking MAYBE that windows is the cause, however the program itself works without any noticable issues.

    I do know one that that is different. Just about everywhere says that when I start it the first time, that a Quickstart of some form is supposed to pop up. It does not for me.

    I am going to try a fresh install tonight, without any of the default stuff that comes in the DAZ Studio instalation, and then try to load the additional free content…. Maybe I can see where it is and then be able to find it later…. Who knows.

    And yeah, Another Wulfe hehehe…. Been using that handle for ohh…… 16ish years now?

  14. Greywulf says:

    Good luck! Let me know how you get on :D

  15. Cypherwulfe says:

    Just wanted to let you know I got it to work.

    The issue had to do with directories. There was a Program Files/DAZ/Studio/content folder, as well as a DAZ/Studio 3/content folder…. That may or may not be entirely correct.

    However, the long and short of it is, I was installing somewhere that didn’t exist previously, and DAZ Studio was looking somewhere that had nothing in it.

  16. Denis says:

    Hi I noticed a lot of things didn’t run for me the first week I was using DAZ 3, but my friend and I finally found out the problem, it’s all where you unzip, or in most cases, install, your content. The easiest way to describe i is it’s under user/(in my case Denis), then documents/daz3d/studio/content. Go no deeper than content, that should cure most of your problems. And if you’re a bit anal like me, it’s worth going back and reinstalling everything there so it’s easier to find when using DAZ and you don’t have to worry about searching for hours. I had to fumble around on DAZ for weeks trying to figure it out, it’s extremely vague wen it comes to the “how to” section.

  17. Lee Shaw says:

    Awesome advice, Bought the scifi apartments for $2.70! what an incredible saving.

  18. Cypherwulfe:

    I like your tutorials, they are exactly what i have been looking for to help me get started.
    One problem I have is, the additional content pack that I got when I registered will not work. I installed it, but there is no fairy outfit, or anythign that I can find anywhere…..
    Was I supposed to do something other than just run the installer?

    plz help!!!!! the same thing happened to me except now i can’t download it again!!!!! all of my avalable downloads are GONE!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!! the reason i downloaded daz3d was to make fairy art!!!! D: D: D: D: D:

    • greywulf says:

      If the problem you had was the same as Cypherwulfe’s then I suggest you uninstall the content pack and re-install it into your documents/daz3d/studio/content folder. The free additional content was setup for an earlier version of DAZ Studio which stored things in a slightly different location to the one it uses now.

      If that’s not the case, it may be that your layout is set to use DAZ Studio’s built in “catalog view” of your content. This lets you organize your content in any way you wish. That’s great if you don’t mind sorting and organizing things yourself, but if (like me) that doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, do this:

      Select the Content tab and press the little black triangle in the top right corner. Select “View Folders as List”. Done!

      Hope that helps!

  19. thanks, but that download is gone from my avalable downloads, and when i click the past download thingy all i get is things from the store….and how do i uninstall it?

    • greywulf says:

      Over at DAZ Studio, head into My Account then our Order History and hit Reset. Wait a little while, and the files will be available to download in your Available Downloads again.

      Good luck!

  20. ahhhh thanks!!!!!!! now i have downloaded it again and i have tryed both of that stuff, but it still isa’nt on their…..??

  21. Lady Morgan says:

    I’m a big fan of Courageous and it’s add ons for inexpensive leather or chain armor in a variety of looks. It’s items like that which make me a happy Platinum Club member.

  22. feat3 says:

    its no counter strike models?

  23. duce says:

    hey your a real life saver but i was wondering if you knew where i could get the code to auto fit my clothes and stuff because i just don’t have two hundred dollars to shell out like that. Also if you know where i can get free clothes and hair and poses if possable thanks in advance

  24. blowme says:

    these are neither “free” nor “cheap” nice try though, can find better ones on torrent, ass.

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