Krootchiks for Mutants and Masterminds!

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3 Responses

  1. WilliamPall says:

    Oh wow . . . and here I am co-GMing a Mutants and MasterMinds campaign starting tomorrow.
    All about the time travel baby . . . who says they can’t go to the future . . . meet some of these krüthik (er, did I get the right “ü”? I never know), and oh how wonderful . . . . ::yoink!::
    .-= WilliamPall´s last blog ..4e DragonLance =-.

  2. ben jackson says:

    heh, nice article I particulary like your concept of Fantasy meets aliens. It’s strange but ever since I saw the cursed swordsman archetype in the warriors and warlocks previews I’ve been thinking about an NPC for a fantasy campagin who is a green lantern. Becuase the corps must have been aorund for a long time before Hal jordan and Alan scott, right?

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