Character du Jour: Alexander Deerborn

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  1. Vulcan Stev says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the honorable mentions (at least snippets)
    .-= Vulcan Stev´s last blog ..Day 163 of Being a Cancer Survivor =-.

  2. Greywulf says:

    I’m already on it – including yours :)

  3. Vulcan Stev says:

    Wasn’t fishing but it’s nice to know I made honorable mention.
    .-= Vulcan Stev´s last blog ..Dungeons & Dragons Edition Wars: D&D 3.5 =-.

  4. Sean says:

    Hey, that’s my name – up on the big screen!

    Thanks Greywulf. He looks great. I was thinking that M&M didn’t have a system for the somewhat nebulous quirks I gave Deerborn, but I remember you telling us how if they come up in play, then that’s when you get credit for them. I can see where that gives a more room for subtle portrayal then something like: Heroin Addiction 8-, Distanced from Humanity 12-

  5. Greywulf says:

    @Sean exactly. M&M has two mechanisms for handling any kind of disadvantage the hero might possess – Drawbacks and Complications.

    Drawbacks are things which limit or control the character in some way; Heroin Addiction, Krypronite Vulnerability, a Weak Point or a Normal (ie, non-powered) Secret ID are all great Drawbacks. You get more points to spend as character generation for taking a Drawback as they’re effectively a part of your character, all the time (at least, until you buy them off).

    Complications are, imho, more interesting. These are situations and role-playing hooks which, if they come into play, give the character a Hero Point. Good complications are such things as “Enemy”, “Code of Honour”, “Rivalry”, “Fame”, “Temper”, etc. They can be as broad or finely tuned as you wish.

    There’s a degree of overlap between the two, and which you use depends on the genre, style of the character and which fits the concept.

    For example, Hulk would have “Drawback: Involuntary Transformation when angry (Very Common, Major)” where another character might have “Complication:Temper”. The two things are related, but conceptually very different things.

    For Deerborn, I did the easy thing and left them out altogether. From your write-up is sounds like he’s got the worst of his inner demons under control now. If they resurfaced I’d give Complication:Temper and Drawback:Multiple Additions (Common, Major) and grant 4pp to use immediately.

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