83 Far Futures

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4 Responses

  1. Greywulf says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention.

    This is a bit of an experiment. If it goes well I foresee 83 Superheroes, 83 Fantasy Heroes, 83 Cute Pictures of Puppies, etc.

    So, if you want that to happen, you know what to do!

  2. Vulcan Stev says:

    83 naked Bullywugs, 83 Daz Wardrobe malfunctions….

    Vulcan Stevs last blog post..Dungeon Dramas: A Random Plot Hook guest post by All Geek Out

  3. Aaron says:

    83 Bullywugs, I fully support.

  4. Greywulf says:

    At the rate I’m going, 83 Bullywugs is a distinct (but rather scary) possibility! :D

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