4e’s New Iconic Monsters

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5 Responses

  1. Love the Fagin-Dark Stalker plot. Looking forward to more monster hooks . . .

    The Last Rogues last blog post..Back Cover Blurb

  2. Brett says:

    Thanks, I have used Drakes and Creepers, but hadn’t really looked at the Berbalang and Eidolon. I will take another look at them and see where I can sneak them in. One of my favorite 4e iconics isn’t in either MM, it is in Open Grave. I love the Brain in Jar. It is a low level creature with dominate and I am using one for the main bad guy of the story line my second level group is playing now. Use with a bunch of other low level undead, skeletons, zombies and crawling claws and you some some creepy fun without being massively overpowered.

  3. dr. checkmate says:

    The Fagin plot hook is indeed made of awesome. “More, please.”

  4. I like berbalang. In addition to just liking to say berbalang (berbalang! berbalang! berbalang!) they do make great plot hooks. I ran a game once where the villains were a berbalang teams up with a doppleganger. They were grifters, scamming people through impersonation and consumed memories.

    Berin Kinsmans last blog post..Where to Find Berin

  5. Greywulf says:

    @The Last Rogue and @Dr Checkmate Thanks! I’ll be sure to add more hooks into the other iconics in the rest of the posts.

    @Brett Oh yes. I’m a Brain in a Jar fan too. They’re much fun in Mutants & Masterminds as pulp villains, and that carries across to D&D perfectly. Gotta love Pulp Fantasy!

    @Berin They do have the bestest name when it comes to saying it out loud, don’t they? Like the idea of a Berbalang & Doppelganger team-up. Sounds like a brand of high-end music systems………

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