d20 Modern RPG Week Day Seven

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  1. Questing GM says:

    The supplements for D20 Modern from Wizards has been considered one of the weak points in the product line. I haven’t look at Past but can agree the points with Future. Fortunately, Wizards was able to churn out Future Tech and Cyberscape (in the genres I liked) after that which covered some of the aforementioned weak spots. Another supplement is Apocalypse which has a pretty nice touch.

    Weapons Locker, Critical Locations and Menace Manuals are top mark books for me that ever came out from Wizards for this line. Urban Arcana too if only for the much better and expanded equipment list and the Special Forces and Sniper prestige classes.

    Oh, let’s not forget that Dark Matter, the only setting book that Wizards ever published for D20 Modern is a pretty good book on its own even though many have said that it was mainly copy pasted from the original.

    However, I still think that the strongest line of supplements comes from third party publishers like Game Mechanics and many others. The Blood & … series and the Modern Companion books.

  2. Greywulf says:

    Absolutely. I love both Blood & Brains and Blood & Space and rate them as two of the best 3rd party supplements for d20 Modern. I’ve written a review of Blood & Brains, here.

    Both the Menace Manual and Urban Arcana are pretty essential purchase if you’re planning a longer d20 Modern campaign. My copies have seen a LOT of use :D

  3. by_the_sword says:

    Just to let you know, the links to the free downloads that you have provided are no longer viable (it is nearly a year after those links were posted).

    Here is the URL to the Wizards site where the d20 SRD can be downloaded for free:http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=d20/article/msrd

  4. greywulf says:

    Quick update.

    I’ve found the latest version of the nicely formatted d20 Modern SRD. This one comes complete with d20 Future, Urban Arcana and Menace Manual supplements too.

    I’ll update the links to the zipfile in these posts accordingly, or you can snarf it directly, here.

  5. Xyvoln Sylvadrak says:

    If you want “space marines against alien insects”, do your part and check out the d20 Starship Troopers game, which was designed specifically for that.

    Remember: Service Guarantees Citizenship!

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