d20 Modern RPG Week Day Six

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  1. Questing GM says:

    Indeed. One of the campaign models at the end of the book was called The Shadow where Department 7 was a ghostbuster-like organization to kill monsters that appeared from the ‘Shadow’.

    Another take on this is Urban Arcana where monsters co-exist alongside humans in cities. Gotta love the picture of the gnoll pimp and mind flayer priest.

    Questing GMs last blog post..Questing’s Readings – Appendix N Edition

  2. Elton says:

    A mindflayer priest would be scary.

    Eltons last blog post..ROLEMASTERing The Forgotten Realms

  3. Greywulf says:

    They eat your brains! And so, for that matter, do mind flayers……..

  4. benpop says:

    I wouldn’t want to know the sort of scandals mind-flayer priests would get involved in, that’s for sure.

    The “Tally of Souls” thing is an interesting idea in itself. A company/group/person who is destined to kill and damn people! Heavy stuff. It would make for a very interesting redemption story. If you made it humorous, it would be in Good Omens territory, which is always fun. :)

  5. Questing GM says:

    We also have kobold marines named Meepo and Medusa executives that are good at sealing the deal……in stone.

    But everyone knows that the real monsters are our fellow man. Right?……………..Right?

  6. Xyvoln Sylvadrak says:

    The “chemical demon” and “soul tally” take on it ties nicely to one of the organizations presented in Urban Arcana: The Beloved. Basically, it’s an Illuminati-type death cult with “captains of industry” as its members.

    On the note of compatibility with D&D 3.X, this also means that anything from Pathfinder (the spiritual successor of the former) is fair game as well.

    Although at that point, you ought to take a gander at the d20 Modern rules as adapted for Pathfinder:


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