d20 Modern RPG Week Day Three

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  1. Questing GM says:

    I would’ve like to see how D20 Modern matches up with True20 but I guess there aren’t too many big differences between the 2. ;)

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  2. Helmsman says:

    Aw… I was hoping you’d be able to compare it to World of Darkness Storyteller too… methinks there’s another part to this comparison blog?

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  3. Greywulf says:

    @QuestingGM True20 would work out rather like d20 Modern but using a damage track – a halfway house between d20M and M&M. Given a choice I’d prefer one on the other over True20, really.

    @Helmsman Not a fan of the system, but I’m sure if anyone else wants to chip in with a comparison………

  4. Before I found Savage Worlds I was really digging d20 Modern. I have almost everything WotC put out and a few books from the Game Mechanics.

    Savage Worlds has Edges instead of Feats. With a smaller skill list more mechanical emphasis is placed on these Edges rather than on the skills.

    No classes, no HPs. In my head, they feel like the characters they produce are of comparable power levels, but I never got a chance to actually run d20 Modern. But, it’s d20 at its heart. So things like long combats at higher levels, long prep time… these things are still a part of it. I’m horribly biased. SW does everything I ever wanted d20 Modern to do with none of the work. Well, very little of it anyway.

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