d20 Modern RPG Week Day One

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3 Responses

  1. DNAphil says:

    I love d20 Modern. Back in 2002, I ran a year long Modern campaign, centered around a group of thieves in Las Vegas. The system is solid and easy, the character classes flexible and interesting. The wealth system is not the easiest to use, but you can dump it for straight cash, but its worth trying.

    WoTC release a number of interesting books for the system; d20 Future being one of my favorites.

    Nice to see someone giving d20 Modern the attention it deserves.

  2. Vulcan Stev says:

    Checked out the site. Looks like there’s plenty of stuff I could use for my NE campaign.

    Vulcan Stevs last blog post..The Eerie Exploits of Ranger Co. X: This Star Says I’m a Texas Lawman. Pt 2

  3. Dave T. Game says:

    One of my favs too. I won’t touch 3.x D&D anymore, but I’d always be happy to play some d20 Modern.

    I’ve got a funny story involving d20 Modern that I’ll have to relay later…

    Dave T. Games last blog post..Review: Monster Manual 2

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