Conan the Bard

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  1. CharlieAmra says:

    It certainly is an intriguing concept as I always believed Conan was a multi-classed badass. But I still think you should stay out of the Katapeshi pesh parlors.

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  2. Sorry GW, interesting though this character sounds, I just don’t see Conan with a Str of 12. Based on the way the books describe him and the many feats of strength he performs, that is (wrestling and throttling rather large creatures to death with his bare hands on a number of occasions). Also he wasn’t that much of a team player, more of a lone wolf.

    Hope your man is proficient in heavy armour use – Conan wore full harness in one of his battles and it was remarked that it suited him more than any high-born knight!

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  3. Greywulf says:

    @Lurkinggherkin Depends where in his career you’re looking. As a youth he was described as having tight rangy muscles like a panther and clad in a chain shirt – that’s what I had in mind for him at 1st level at the start of his career. As the stories evolved he became more massive and muscled – and became a tactical leader of men too, including a mercenary group and eventually an entire army.

    That’s what I wanted to show at the character levels progressed – a changing, evolving Conan as the legend progresses. I took this to 6th Level; head into the Epic Tier and I don’t doubt he’d be able to perform downright amazing feats of strength.

  4. Conan or not, if I ever play a second or third game of 4e (I’ve yet to play my first), I will totally steal this notion!

  5. I will concede that maybe this could be a ‘Young Conan’.

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  6. Paulo_Segundo says:

    How was your skill selection?

    If you got nature by ranger multiclassing, how do you get stealth?

  7. Greywulf says:

    Well spotted! He got Stealth from the Ranger class and Nature from Barbarian.

  8. Truly, this is a thing of great and terrible beauty.
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  9. Hail !

    First of all it is a shame that you adventurers speak about a Hero misarebly as this.

    Conan is the adventurer.He is the pirate of seven (or how many seas are there at Hyborian ages).He is the conquerer.He is Teh King (not of his won country but another one he was passing by…also sceneraio was stolen and used at King KULL;(teh Grandfather of Conan himself)the movie as I remeber.!] the movie.

    I do not even want to think what will Conan do to you dogs ! (Rpg here) when he comes back with his mates.(He-Man,Rambo,Rocky,Punisher,Judge Dredd,Bravestarr and the rest of his gang)

    So I am off before they arrive !

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