I am not…


… a Character Class! I am a free man!

I do quite like Wizards little “What Class Are You?” questionnaire though.

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  1. shent_lodge says:

    I have thought about that a lot lately. Making the players all start with the same “blank slate” and adventure into a role they are good at (do a lot), but not necessarily a class. I did a couple test runs with a brute class but the moment I broke from the canon of the D&D “gods” my players lost interest. Like WotC was going to take away their birthdays for playing something different. With 4e it seems even harder to do, now that class powers are spread everywhere in the PHB.

    Be free! If you can figure out how, and still keep your players!

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  2. Damn it, I also wanted to do a spoof. I would have said “I am the Dungeon Master” and some smart-ass self-aggrandizing comment there, however. :)

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  3. drow says:

    “You are number six.”
    *cough* “dump stat” *cough*

  4. Elton says:

    Bleh, I was going to do the questionaire. But since I have no knowledge of 4e (I did not buy it, thankfully!); it would not make any sense to me to take it. It’s an awful questionaire from the look of it.

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