Mutants and Masterminds Week Day 1: Backstory

We’ve had RPG Weeks for Dragon Warriors, the Marvel RPG and the D&D Rules Cyclopedia, but not one for my most loved system of them all – Green Ronin’s Mutants & Masterminds. This week we’re going to correct that oversight with 7 whole days of pure 100% superheroey goodness. Hold on tight!

What we’re going to do is build a complete superhero campaign setting from start to finish in just seven days. I’m going to show you how the Mutants & Masterminds rules fit in to create a solid gaming platform that’s under complete GM control every step of the way. And it’s going to be big: we’re going to be using the entire multiverse!

I’ve covered a whole ton of ground about Mutants & Masterminds already, so rather than repeat myself here’s a handy-dandy list of previous M&M blogposts to get you started.



D&D Conversion

Fantasy Archetypes



Till next time!

UPDATE: Follow the whole, complete M&M Week, right here!

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3 Responses

  1. Dear god, man! Thanks some super link ownage. What are you going to do for the other days? It looks like you linked to every M&M post on your site, LOL.

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  2. Vulcan Stev says:

    Heard a lot of good things about MM. How does this system stack up against Savage Worlds? which happens to be my system of choice.

    Just curious as the gaming group at the youtch center has expressed an interest in a Super Hero game.

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  3. Greywulf says:

    @Samuel Guilty as charged. I’ve been meaning to put together an index of all my M&M posts for some time, and this RPG Week is as good a time as any. Also, this helps me out as my self-imposed challenge is not to repeat anything I’ve written about M&M before – so no street-level gaming, no comparing M&M to Dungeons & Dragons, no gentle introductions to the game. I’ve done all that – this is all new. Wish me luck.

    @Vulcan Stev M&M is a more complex system than Savage Worlds, but plays just as quickly at the table in-game. While it’s firmly rooted in the superhero genre, it’s more than capable of working as a generic system too – we’ve used it for everything from pulp-noir to WWII to fantasy wild west without a problem. It’s very well suited to players (and GMs) who like to tinker with their characters and the setting too.

    Creating a character can be as simple as picking an archetype, adding a name and jumping right in, or as complex as you desire meaning it’s great for both new players and hardcore gamers alike.

    Me, I’m a bit of a fan.

    Note to self: I’d meant to post this up as Day 0 so it could begin proper tomorrow. I’ll fix that with the next post.

    Thanks, folks!

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