First steps with DAZ Studio: Part Seventeen

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  1. Elton says:

    I didn’t get pwToon, but I did get pwEffect. If I want to render something cartoon style; I’ll just use the render to cartoon option in the render settings dialogue.

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  2. Wimwick says:

    Thanks for the walkthrough. Your constant posts with images have caused me to download DAZ and try it out.

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  3. Marco Nadal says:

    I get an error message for jlgTOON:

    3Delight message #45 (Severity 2): S2068: shader ‘C:/DAZ/Studio/shaders/jlgTOON.sdl’ uses a different interface version: please recompile

    This prevents interim shades, making the render look superflat (no shading at all, just the colors I chose manually)

    I’m using DAZ Studio beta.

    Anything I can do? Can I install the stable version alongside the beta? It’s a shame if the new version breaks all the free shaders.

    • greywulf says:

      Unfortunately, joelegecko never updated these excellent Shaders to work with DAZ Studio 3. To update them the Shaders needed recompiling for the new 3Delight render engine, and joelegecko had lost much of the source code during house and work moves.

      If you want to render direct-to-toon in DAZ Studio now, the best option is pwToon.

      I’ll update this post to say that the jlgShaders are out of date.

  4. Marco Nadal says:

    Waah… that makes me cry. It’s always sad when somebody loses their hard work due to circumstance. pwToon does not have close to the functionality that jlgShaders have, and it costs $25.

    However, can I run DS2 alongside DS3? I could use DS3 with all the IK and other functions to set up a scene, then do the shaders and rendering in DS2. I wonder if the .daz files are backwardly compatible?

    Thanks a lot for your rapid reply, and as always, great work on the tutorials. I haven’t played AD&D since Uni, but I certainly remember how fun it was to play… it was closer to acting than to playing a board game.

    • greywulf says:

      You can have both DS2 and DS3 on your computer at the same time, yes – they live in different folders. I know some folks do that because there are some plugins as well as Shaders which still haven’t been ‘ported over.

      AFAIK, daz scene files should work between both versions provided you don’t use any DS3 specific features such as the Shader Mixer or Dynamic cloth. Only one way to find out, I guess :D

      Thinking about it, there is another solution – try the Cartoon render style that’s built into the 3Delight render engine. Chenge the render style in Render->Render Settings.

      A good starting point is to add a single Distant Light to the scene, leave Intensity at 100% and enable the Shadow Map at 10% to give a bit more definition to the edges.

      Let me know how you get on!

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