RPG Week: D&D Rules Cyclopedia Day Four

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  1. benpop says:

    I finally get THAC0. And I thought I never would! It had such a bad reputation… I now realize that’s the system NetHack uses, with the addition of damage reduction with a negative armor class.

    I am glad to see such a reasonable price on the PDF, but I would wish more for a dead tree format that Isn’t Printed By Me. (Unless bookmaking is the sort of thing you can do fairly inexpensively at Kinko’s [and I know Kinko’s is expensive, I worked at a print shop in high school, but you have to do large jobs to justify going direct to a print shop].) The one bonus of a PDF is I could give only relevant selections to the players. Getting them to cough up the cost would be near impossible anyways, so might as well keep them in the dark.

  2. Jack Crow says:

    I can’t stand using miniatures in games. That is one of reasons why I don’t play 3e or 4e. I love the old free form style of play, quick combat with cool moves, if you could imagine it the DM usually allowed it… and lighting arrows with a fireballs is pretty damn cool.

    Jack Crows last blog post..Blogs I like and you should too

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