RPG Week: D&D Rules Cyclopedia Day Two

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3 Responses

  1. Clarification, please. Can a Magic-User wield a sword at first level? What about a Cleric?

    You’re only two days into this and already you’ve cost me money! *returns to reading pdf*

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  2. Greywulf says:

    @Dr. Checkmate Darn. I knew I should have been on commission!

    If you’re not using the optional rules then a Magic-User can only wield a Dagger, and a staff, blowgun, flaming oil, holy water, net, thrown rock, sling or whip at GM’s discretion. Whip-wielding Magic-Users are just……. ummm……..

    Clerics can’t wield edged or pointed weapons. Which I guess means they can use a bow, but not arrows. Strange.

    BUT – use the optional Weapon Mastery rules and that all goes out the window (though the GM is free to enforce whatever he wants). Fighters get 4 weapon slots at 1st level, and all other classes 2, and there’s no restrictions as-written in the Weapon Mastery rules. I’m happy with Clerics taking weapons appropriate to their faith, and give all classes access to their cultural weapons.

    Works for me, anyway.

  3. “the player decides whether they are dead or if they want to bring in a replacement character” — it’s a harsh world out there! :) :)

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